Friday, March 6, 2020

Oh Damn, Warren is out.

Elizabeth Warren. I like her. 

She's smart as a whip, committed to fixing our country, a good woman and deserving of better treatment than she's gotten out of the Punditry

Elizabeth Warren has been a Senator (D MA), a law professor (Harvard) where her portrait on the wall gets post-it notes expressing thanks and admiration every day. She started as a special ed teacher. She has brought her message -- not just of change but of fixing things in this country. She has been in favor not of  a Sanders style revolution, destroying in order to rebuild, but putting forth the idea that what we have is okay but broken. That we need to fix things, like taxes, income inequity, racial and gender bias. Unfortunately we have come the end of her campaign. As many of you know, I have gone from Yay Bernie to backing Elizabeth Warren. therefore it irks me, and in no small way disappoints to have to come on here and say that less than 18 hours after my latest exhortation to people to get behind Warren and shove, she has announced that she is suspending her campaign, in effect ending her bid for the Democratic Party nomination for 2020. I of course was not consulted. Had Ms Warren consulted me, I would have advised her to stay in it for the long haul. To persist. to be there with her share of delegates, at the convention, and hope for a brokered contest. Perhaps I would have been wrong. but, no matter. She's out of it, and with her exit goes the last chance of a woman being President of the United States in this year, and probably in this generation. Most likely, no woman will attain the office in my lifetime. In many ways I am disgusted with my own species, and my own gender. Except women don't seem to want a woman president either. They stayed away from Warren in droves. This was lamely explained to me as "women are so desperate to get Trump gone that they don't want to take any risks, and Biden is seen as the SAFE Choice. "
Well, the safe choice may be Joe Biden, but is he the right choice ? Consider, if Elizabeth Warren couldn't get past the Primaries in an election with Donald Trump as the opposition, could any woman ever get elected ? 

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Unhappy New Year.

Unhappy New Year.

what a crummy way to start the new year. In recent times, unless you live under a rock, you know that Iranian-proxy militia-men rocketed an American installation in Iraq, killing an American "Contractor". (odd how nobody says what he was contracting to do, but as Contractor has become a synonym for mercenary, I think it's safe to say we know what kind of man he was. )
The United States retaliated by pulling off a Tom Clancy level scheme to assassinate Iranian Major General and commander of the Quds force wing of the Iranian Republican Guards corps Suliemanei.
Iran in turn replied to this by launching some number of IRBMs loaded with conventional warheads at American installations in Iraq. No Americans were killed in the rocketing. We can thank our luck and our advanced warning systems for that.
And now, The Ball is back in Trump's court. He has as of this AM said that we do not want war, and we're  stepping back from the brink. Trump actually said the Iranians were standing down. but then, I don't trust two words out of Trump's mouth. If The Dear Leader Trump tells you it's raining out, better go look out a window. Some of my thoughts on this matter below the jump.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Some new thoughts about thanksgiving, and immigrants

 Pilgrims, Indigenous people, and progress.

The people who lived here before the Europeans began arriving were not necessarily happy hunter-gatherers content to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors. There were wars. Borders were fluid things, only established by such things as landmarks and the courses of rivers. A hunting party might easily stray into another tribe's land and possibly be attacked. this did happen, and it did oftentimes lead to battles. Europeans who came here were not necessarily welcomed. The Roanoke colony was wiped out to the last. Women and children may have been taken and adopted into families. Then comes the Plymouth colony. They're better situated than the Roanoke. and maybe they're just luckier. Maybe god shined a light on them. Whatever. The Wampanoeg took pity on them, and helped them. They showed them how to live off the land in the new world. Perhaps they shouldn't have. If they had been like some Americans are today, they might have just killed them all and taken their fire-locks, swords and armor. But they didn't. Although not Christians, they felt the impulse to charity and helped those colonists. (I have distant family tree relations who were among those colonists, btw. ) They helped them, and next fall when the colonists were still there they gave food and shelter to a Wampanoeg hunting party who had dropped by to check on them. I sincerely doubt it was any kind of grand feast as is depicted in some history books, but they gathered together and shared food and drink. We should be thankful we were allowed to stay here. We should be thankful and remember our own behavior will be judged by history. We need to remember our own impulse to charity, and welcome newcomers. They can come here legally. It should be relatively easy to do so. It should also be relatively hard to stay here illegally. But the penalty should be administrative, as it has been in times previous to this. We're wasting time, money resources and reputation by throwing people in cages inside what used to be big-box stores.We need a long, hard look at ourselves. So be thankful. But also remember your impulse to help others. There is more than enough room for all here. More Jobs are created every day, and immigrants will be needed to fill them. There just aren't enough of us right now. Be Generous. Be American. and remember that moment 400 years ago wherein a group of hunters of the Wampanoeg people were hosted in friendship by a handful of grateful Europeans. 

My Thanks.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Why the delay in Impeaching and Removing Trump ? I'll try to explain.

 Donald Trump has, in these last weeks, committed at least two Impeachable offenses, yet he is still in office. Why is this? 

I'll try to explain.

         First, consider the Republicans in the Senate who are Afraid of Trump's "base,"A group of angry white conservatives whom Trump keeps angry by feeding them big lies disguised as slabs of red meat. Many GOP congressmen are afraid of what will happen to their re-election chances if Trump turns against them and directs that someone "primary" them. (being Primaried from the right has been a GOP leadership scare tactic since before McConnell was in the Senate) They do not want to risk losing their cushy jobs. Next, consider the possibility of a Republican caucus in the Senate who believe it's worth keeping Trump so long as they're getting the conservative judges they want. Many Republicans in the Senate are what I call "Movement Conservatives" -- they believe wholeheartedly in the hard right idea of a government which only runs the military and grants cash to corporations. No other functions should exist. Finally, we come to  GOP leadership that includes McConnell, whose state got a promise of a 100 million dollar aluminum factory in Kentucky out of Oleg Deripaska's Rusal. Make no mistakes, the Russians have studied long and hard how to wage next-generation warfare (1) and they are currently winning. Their mission was to knock the USA down, and they're succeeding. They have found a political party in the USA who will stop at nothing to remain in power, and they're using them all they can and more. As I've said elsewhere, Trump is working hard to destroy the US government from within. As I said elsewhere, the Russians first tried this in Ukraine in 2012-14. THe Ukrainians got up on their hind legs and threw out the Putinistas. I'm worried we haven't got the spine for it. The 2020 elections will be the final test. We'll either pass and oust Trump and the Republicans or we'll fail and go down the drain as a Democratic Republic.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Sound the Trump ets, Tell Joshua to bring his horn.

Okay, so I had to do this post sooner or later. This has been bugging me like a pesky fly that won't leave off. Donald "I'm a raving loon" Trump's wall is a waste of money, time and effort. We all know this, don't we ? Don't we ? You do realize that walls are a 4th century solution that are easily breached, overcome, tunneled under, knocked down or simply gone around. Yes, I know, various nations have tried walls : Rome with Hadrian's Wall, China with the Great Wall, France with the Maginot Line, and now Trump with Trump's Folly.

Friday, September 13, 2019

O'Rourke is wrong. He may have a good heart but he's wrong.

I didn't watch the Democratic Party debate last night. It was, as all such events are, full of talking points and blather, and I have no appetite for either. But I did watch the Post-Debate coverage, including the big applause line from Beto O'Rourke (if he is going to call himself Beto, I'm going to oblige him and call him Beto. ) : "Hell yes, I'm going to take away your AR 15s!"
The problem is, Beto is proposing "Feel-Good" law that will not in fact lessen the amount of crimes in the United States. Not only that, but he is doing so based on faulty, and deceptive information.
Allow me if you will to elucidate:

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

On this day in 2001.

So, 18 years ago today, I was working nights for a company that was owned by a company that had just got bought by a company. I was working 6 pm to 2 am shifts. I got home about 2:30, Sat down, had a cup of decaf and logged into a chat room on AIM. We had a regular crowd there that moved to aim when the community left AOL. We were chatting about this and that, when around 5 45 my time I turned on CNN. They had interrupted their usual AM chat show to talk about what appeared to be an aircraft accident involving the World Trade Center. I told everyone in the chat immediately to turn on the news. about a half hour later I got an IM from a friend : "We're at war, aren't we?" I replied back "I hope not, but I don't see how we can avoid it. " I didn't sleep that day, and most of the next two days nobody did much of anything except stay awake and stay by the news. On the evening of that first day, my Mom, Stepfather, Brother and I all went outside. It was just getting dark, with light still in the western sky. We all looked up and saw the F-16s from Luke AFB flying overhead on armed patrols. I knew people who worked at Luke. They said to me that the pilots were all of them pissed off. I knew guys in the special forces community. Usually they talk back and forth about shit, sometimes ribbing each other about things, but on the 12th and after, they simply stopped talking. One of those who would talk told me, though I didn't need to be told, "Dude, they're going to work now. " I just said "Yeah. I know." Afghanistan was the target. Everybody knew it. All I could do was sit around and wait to hear. I didn't know it would be the better part of a decade before Bin Laden got his, largely because George Effin W Bush was all hot to go into Iraq. Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11, and which would have summarily executed bin Laden had they gotten a hold of him. Iraq, source of oil though it may be, turned out to be a goddamn tar baby. (excuse the racist reference just this once.) We needed to get Bin Laden, not because of revenge, but justice. As a point of national Pride. As a point of "nobody messes with the USA and gets away with it." A Child born in 2001 is now old enough to serve in the army that has not known peace in that child's entire lifetime. Meanwhile, Donald Goddamn Trump is telling jokes about how he has the tallest building in Manhattan now. or had. Whatever. This is not the day for Politics, but for remembering those who died, those who gave of themselves, and those who bravely got up, got a drinks cart to use as a battering ram and said "Let's Roll."